"RT @bnubian: @stonesewalish not if the group and inst norms are in place to devalue me. No, I won’t respect that. #sachat"
"RT @ClareCady: Q4: It is a privilege to be able to question, disrupt, and change systems. #SAchat"
"RT @ClareCady: Q5: Bureaucratic systems are most often created by those with privilege, and they benefit those with privilege. #SAchat"
"Q3 Be careful of who you align yourself with. Many times the people who are the best at politics are not the best professionals #sachat"
"August in ResLife- when you forget to eat until 10pm. #sohungry #sachat http://t.co/jVDCT9omSN"
"This is a big deal! — Federal judge: NCAA violates antitrust law @insidehighered http://t.co/LNBpRXTWKs #sachat"
"RT @TiffMDyer: In Deal With Starbucks, Arizona State U. Kicks In Substantial Aid http://t.co/yQZFPKpK6M #SAchat"
"New blog post I wrote for @NASPA_MMKC — The Men’s Rights Movement and #YesAllWomen @NASPAtweets http://t.co/0ZZyXzHsgk #sachat"
"Vincent Scarfo, Community Development Coordinator at Brandeis University. Only half here today as I do work in another window #sachat"
"RT @BDProffer: “Status Quo is the biggest barrier” ~ @MARTHAKANTER #ACPArethink #sachat"